What is the Use of Having Responsive Website Design?


The website is the most important tool for individuals and businesses. It is highly used for publicity. Most of the western groups use a website to collect information about a particular company. When you visit a website, you will know complete details about their history, experience, projects, services, products and contact information. Such details will help you in taking decisions and find whether the business is genuine or fake. If you are planning to develop a responsive website for your business, then you need to know its uses. The website designers ensure to develop a responsive website to increase traffic and improve the popularity of the website.

web hostingCost effective: The responsive web design is highly cost effective. You do not have to spend lots for hosting or get help from a web host service provider. When you approach the designers, they will design a website suitable for laptop screen as well as for mobile devices. It is the least expensive method of designing a functional website. Moreover, the SEO process is very simple and effective for responsive websites.

word cloud : web designBetter user experience: If the website provides better user experience, the customer will start to spend more time on the website. When they spend a long time on the website, then there are lots of chances to purchase something or get engaged with your brand. A user-friendly website can be used in all online mediums. The user will get several chances to get engaged whenever they wish in your website. Some people do a mistake, they would design and develop a website that constantly zooms and resize things. It will make the user feel frustrated, and they would not engage due to the frustration.

Google recommendation: Google displays a website that is user-friendly and has responsive aspects. If you fail to use these features, then your website will not get displayed in the search engine results of Google.

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Important Web Hosting Terms you should know

Website Hosting

Storage or disk space: Website consists of images, contents and other important files. It is presented on the internet in a viewing form. When you design a website, you have to think how much storage space you need for your website. Every website will have a limited amount of storage space. If you are choosing a particular package, then you will be given a particular storage capacity for your website. It is best to choose more space since you can store enough web pages, pictures, videos, and other necessary files on the hard drive of the web server. If your business expands or gets bigger, then you have to purchase extra disk space.

Uptime: Website can be viewed anytime and on any day. It is available 24x7x365. But still the web servers are like computers. It has to be updated from time to time. It requires regular repair and maintenance. If a web host provides you maximum uptime guarantee, then it means your web server will remain running and up for 99%. Some will miss keeping up the promise, and they would refund the amount if you experience excess downtime.

Traffic statisticsTraffic statistics: The traffic statistics program helps to track the visitors to your website. With this option, you can track how many people have visited the website, how many unique visitors have come to your website, how many visited your site more than once, and what are the popular pages in your website. Are you wondering why these details are needed? It helps in marketing your website. This way, you can find your target audience and know about the interested customers. For example, if the traffic is from a particular geographic location, then you can start to focus on that particular area more than another. The statistics will display in the form of charts by week, year, month, day and graphs and tables.

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Website Design Guide for Beginners

website design guide

Do you want to design a professional website? Well, you need to add some important elements when designing your website. Some websites will not have right keywords, right meta description or description. You can easily check by right clicking and viewing the source code of the website.

title and image tagsMeta Tag Description: The Meta elements help the search engine to categorize the page correctly. It gives details on a particular website. Most of the people do not give importance to meta tag. They think that it is not required for the search engine in finding the website. If you add the meta tag exactly according to your website, then the search engine will search and index the page properly. It is necessary to have right meta tags that will serve to satisfy the search engines.

adwords keyword tool cheat sheetKeywords: The keywords help the search engine to identify your website. For example, if a particular internet user types ‘apartments for sale in London’, the search engine will scan and display the website that has above keywords. Therefore, the keyword of the website has to be checked correctly, and it should be placed in the right form on your website. It should be used in the right percentage.

Contents: The contents of the website have to be fresh and free from plagiarism. Some people use dummy contents or copied contents in the website. If you are going to use such low quality contents, your website will not get displayed in the search engine result page. The contents play an important part in the website. It has to be precise, clear and informative. There should not be any grammatical errors in the contents. The users should find the contents useful.

Title: Most of the websites do not have titles. The titles should contain keywords. When you add all these elements, your website will start to get enough traffic.

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