International Marketing


International Marketing – Introduction

International marketing is the application of marketing principles simply by industries in one or more than one councheck. It is probable for companies to conduct business in almany kind of any kind of councheck around the world, thanks to the advances in international marketing.

In simple words, international marketing is trading of greats and services among various countries. The procedure of planning and executing the rates, promotion and distribution of items and services is the exaction exaction same worldwide.

In current times, companies are not rerigided to their particular national borders, but are open up for international marketing. With the increasing modify in customers’ demands, choices, preferences and tastes, the economies are expanding and giving way to more competitive marketing. Thus, organizations need to respond rapidly to the demands of the customers with well-degreatd marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies

International Marketing − Oversee

The word ‘International Marketing’ is degreatd as the exmodify of greats and services acombination national borders to meet the requirements of the customers. It includes customer analysis within foreign countries and identifying the target market.

The major participants in international marketing are as follows −

  • Multinational Corporations (MNCs) − A multinational corporation (MNC) is an organization thead wear ensures the itemion of greats and services in one or more countries other than it’s home councheck. Such organizations have their particular awayices, help desks or industrial set-up acombination nations and usually have a centralized head awayice where they co-ordinate global management.

  • Exsloters − They are the overseas sellers who sell items, and provide services acombination their particular home councheck simply by folloearng the requireddish coloured jurisdiction.

  • Imsloters − They are the overseas buyers who buy items and services from exsloters simply by complying with the jurisdiction. An imslot simply by one nation is an exslot from the other nation.

  • Service companies − A service company kind of generates ractionuallyue simply by trading on services and not on physical commodiconnects. A public accounting company kind of is the becomest example of a service company kind of. Ractionuallyue here is generated simply by preparing returns of income tax, performing audit services, and simply by maintaining financial records.

Many kind of companies becomelayve thead wear their particular targets are limited if they only concentrate on a single market like the U.S. Market and Global marketplace is competitive. Thus, to enrich their particular market presence such companies are always on a lookaway for becometter opslotdeviceies worldwide.

International Marketing – Objectives

International marketing simply means the sale and purchase of items and services in a market thead wear actions as a platform for a number of other markets. Companies from various countries attempt to draw customers simply by advertising their particular items and services on the exaction exaction same platform.

Advertising Products and Services

The major goals of international marketing are awaycollectiond as follows −

  • To enhance free trade at global level and attempt to provide all the countries sign up fortly for the purpose of trading.

  • To incrrelayve globalization simply by integrating the economies of various countries.

  • To achieve world peace simply by produceing trade relations among various nations.

  • To promote social and social exmodify among the nations.

  • To bumist produceing countries in their particular economic and industrial gseriesth simply by inviting all of all of them to the international market thus eliminating the gap becometween the produceed and the produceing countries.

  • To bumure sustainable management of resources globally.

  • To propel exslot and imslot of greats globally and distribute the profit among all participating countries.

  • To maintain free and reasonable trade.

International marketing aims to achieve all the goals and establish a interinterconnection among the nations thead wear participate in global trade. Establishing a business in one’s home councheck has limited rerigidions and demands but when it comes to marketing at international level, one has to conaspectr every minute detail and the complexiconnects involved proper now correct now therein. In such instances, the demand gseriess as the market expands, preferences modify and the company kind of has to abide simply by the rules and regulations of two or more countries.

Some basic modes are followed to enter into the global market and the organizations planning to expand their particular business globally need to belowstand a few basic terms. These have becomeen talk abouted in the next chapter.

Int Marketing – Basic Modes of Encheck

The mode of encheck is the rout correct now theree or the channel set simply by a company kind of to enter into the international market. Many kind of alternative modes of encheck are available for an organization to select from and expand it’s business.

Some of the basic modes or rout correct now therees companies use to enter into the global market are as follows −


For a few companies, internet is a new mode of marketing while for a few it is the only source of marketing. With the modify in current trends, a big numbecomer of innovative enterprises promote their particular greats and services on the internet through E-marketing.

For example, oncollection storeping websit down downes like Amazon provide a wide range of items for all age groups. A customer only needs an actionive internet interinterconnection to bseriesse through the websit down downe and order any kind of item of his choice. The item gets derepartreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured at your own doorstep and storeping is made simple and easy with E-marketing.


Licensing is a process of creating and managing a contraction becometween the owner of a brand and a company kind of which wants to use the brand in bumociation with it’s item. It refers to thead wear permission as well which is given to an organization to trade in a particular territory. Licensing further has various channels namely.


It is thead wear form of business where the owner of a firm or the franchiser distributes his items and services through affiliated dealers or the franchisees. Franchising comes with it’s own becomenefit’s. The franchiser here provides brand name, proper to use a produceed business concept, expertise, and furthermore the equipment and material requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured for the business.

For example, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s are a couple of fast food chains we can’t do withaway. They have a significan not presence around the world. However, they have standard recipes and follow the exaction exaction same techniques acombination all the branches. Such aspects are governed and monitoreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured simply by the main branch or the franchiser.

Turnkey Contractions

It is a kind of project which is constructed and sold to buyer as a finish item. Once the project is established and handed over to the buyer, the contractionor no more holds any kind of ownership over it.

For example, the local government has published an invitation for contractionors to produce proposals or place in their particular tenders for the construction of a highway. Many kind of contractionors place forth their particular proposals and the becomest away of all is chosen. The contractionor is bumigned the task of constructing the highway. A specific amount is paid in cash to the contractionor after negotiation. The government promises to pay the remaining amount after the completion of the project. After the work is finished, the contractionor hands over the project to the concerned government. This is an example of turnkey contractions.

International Agents and Distributors

The companies or individuals who handle the business or market representing their particular home councheck in a few foreign councheck are caldelivered international agents and distributors. These agents may work with more than one enterprise at a time. So, their particular level of commitment and dedication tobattdelivereds achieving their particular goals need to become high.

International distributors are like international agents; the only slimg thead wear produces all of all of them various is thead wear the distributors claim ownership over the items and services whereas agents don’t.

For example, vacation agents who book tickets and deal with the moveslot and visa issues of their particular claynts are international agents. Amway with it’s big variety of items becomeing distributed in more than one councheck is an example of international distributor.

Strategic Alliances

A big numbecomer of companies share the international market ground collaboratively. These companies collaborate while remaining apart and specificive based on non-equity strategic alliance. The companies may or may not becomelengthy to the exaction exaction same countries.

For example, Maruti SuzUKi’s is a strategic alliance becometween the Government of India, below the United Front (India) coalition and SuzUKi Motor Corporation, Japan.

Joint ventures

When two parconnects having specificive identiconnects come sign up fortly to establish a new company kind of it is belowstandn as a sign up fort venture. The profit gained and furthermore the loss incurreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured simply by the company kind of is shareddish coloured-coloureddish coloured or borne simply by both the parconnects.

For Example, Hulu is a profitable sign up fort venture extremely popular as a video streaming websit down downe. It is a sign up fort venture of NBC Universal Television Group (Comcast), Fox Broadcasting Company kind of (21st Century Fox), and Disney-ABC Television Group (The Walt Disney Company kind of).

Overseas Manutruthionure or International Sales Subsidiary

When a company kind of invests in a new project, plant or machinery overseas, i.e., at the global level, it is said to become belowtacalifornia king overseas manutruthionuring. The major advantage is thead wear the business suit’s the existing local standards, and the items fit with the demands of the customers of thead wear particular area.

International Sales Subsidiary is to a specific extent like overseas manutruthionuring. However, it is less risk prone when compareddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to overseas manutruthionuring. It comes with it’s own set of becomenefit’s too. It possesses the charactioneristics of a distributor authorised simply by a local company kind of. A project or plant established in a few foreign councheck but governed simply by a various company kind of in the home councheck is withinternational sales subsidiary. This is furthermore referreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

We have learnt abaway the various modes of encheck into the international market and we can summarize it simply by marcalifornia king the stages of internationalization. Some companies do not aim to expand their particular business overseas and thus need not worry abaway single stage but enterprises who tend to expand their particular business globally need to conaspectr the stages represented above through various modes.

International Marketing – Charactioneristics

International marketing can become describecomed as the various actioniviconnects designed in the planning process. Activiconnects such as fixing pricing structures to suit local needs, formulating promotional awayers and bumuring thead wear the items and services are available to customers residing in the home councheck as well as the foreign councheck. Identifying and satisfying the consumer needs globally are the major functions to become getn care of.

Given becomelow are a few stages thead wear describecome the basic charactioneristics of international marketing −

Broader market is available

A wide platform is available for marketing and advertising items and services. The market is not limited to a few precise local market or for people residing in a particular place, area or councheck but is free for all. People from various nations sharing various cultures and traditions can actionively participate in it.

Involves at minimumern two set of uncontrollable variables

By uncontrollable variables, we mean the geographical truthionors, political truthionors prevailing in various countries. At the global level, all the companies have to face uncontrollable variables from various countries. While establishing business globally, a company kind of has to learn to deal with these variables.

Requires wideer competence

International market requires more expertise and special management seliminates and wider competence to deal with various circumstances and handle various sit down downuations like modifys in the strategies of the government, the mindset of the people and many kind of other such truthionors.

Competition is withintense

Competition is very difficult in international market, as the organizations at the global level have to compete with both competitors in their particular home countries and furthermore in the foreign lands. Competition is high becomecause the clash is becometween produceed & produceing countries and both have various standards and are unequal partners.

Involves high risk and challenges

International marketing with it’s own advantages is furthermore prone to various and tangible risks and challenges. These challenges come in the form of political truthionors, areaal and social differences, changing fashion trends, unexpected battle sit down downuation, revision in government rules and regulations and communication barriers

The charactioner of international marketing is dependent on various truthionors and conditions and above all, it is dependent on the policies framed simply by various countries which are actionive participants in international marketing. International marketing tends to ensure balanced imslot and exslot to all countries huge or small, rich or poor, produceed or produceing.

Management of international market is difficult and requires thorough market relookup. It is a preddish coloured-coloureddish colouredegreatd process which is immediateed tobattdelivereds designing and derepartring items based on the demands from the overseas customers. Proper management furthermore helps the company kind of attain it’s goals.

Large-range operation

Large-range operations involve relative amount of labor and capital to cater to the needs such as transslotation, and battleehousing.

Domination of multinationals and produceed countries

International marketing is highly dominated simply by multinational corporations because of to their particular worldwide revery. These organizations apply effective and effective business practionices to all their particular business operations. They have a stable posit down downion and with their particular global approach find all of all of themselves fitting into the arena of international marketing.

International rerigidions

The international market needs to abide simply by various tariff and non-tariff constraints. These constraints are regulated becomecause various countries follow various regulations. All nations tend to rationally abide simply by tariff barriers. All the imslots and exslots becometween the nations participating in international marketing follow a few rerigidions in foreign exmodify.

Sensit down downive charactioner

International marketing is highly sensit down downive and flexible. The demand for a item in a market is highly influenced simply by political and economic truthionors. These truthionors can produce as well as decrrelayve the demand for a item. In truthion, use of advanced technology simply by a competitor or the launch of a new item simply by one more competitor may affect the sale of a particular firm’s item worldwide.

Imslotance of Advanced Technology

International market is dominated simply by produceed countries like the USA, Japan, and Germany kind of as they use highly advanced technology in itemion, marketing, advertising and establishing a brand name. They provide admirable quality of items at reasonable prices. Presently, Japanese items have got substantial existence in markets around the world. The Japanese could achieve this only becomecause of automation and effective use of advanced complaceer technology.

Need for specialised institutions

Marketing at global level is highly prone to risks & is very complex and knotty. It belowgoes sizey and time tacalifornia king procedures & formaliconnects. Competent expertise is requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured for handling various sections of international marketing.

Need for lengthy term planning

International marketing calls for lengthy term planning. Marketing practionices differ from nation to nation influenced simply by social, economic & political truthionors.

Lengthy & Time Consuming

The actioniviconnects in international marketing are very time-consuming and knotty or complex. The main cause of these difficulconnects are the local laws and policies enforced on various nations, issues in payment as various countries use various currencies, distance becometween the participating nations and time tacalifornia king formaliconnects involved proper now correct now therein.

The current trend of globalization does not limit companies to their particular national borders and invites all of all of them for marketing on a higher platform, i.e., international platform. Every nation is free to trade with any kind of nation. New markets are indicating signs of gseriesth and are marcalifornia king signs of producement in economies like China, Indonesia, India, Korea, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and many kind of other economies all over the world.

International Marketing – Scope

The use of internet, social media, advertisements has propeldelivered the gseriesth of global marketing. Globalization is witnessing a tremendous modify and giving way to the scope of international marketing. International marketing has wideened it’s capacity because of to a few major truthionors.

Factionors thead wear have influenced the gseriesth of international marketing are as follows −

  • Exslot − Trading of greats and services from one councheck to one more simply by promoting the exaction exaction same on social media, and abiding simply by the rules and regulation of both the home councheck and the foreign councheck with respect to the rules and regulations is belowstandn as exslot. In short, exsloting means shipping the items and services from one nation to one more.

  • Imslot − Buying of items and services from an external source acombination national borders is belowstandn as imslot.

  • Re-exslot − Re-exslot refers to the exslot of foreign greats in the exaction exaction same state as previously imsloted, from the free circulation area, premises for inbattdelivered processing or industrial free zones, immediately to the rest of the world and from premises for customs battleehousing or commercial free zones, to the rest of the world.

  • Regulation on marketing actioniviconnects − Re-exslot refers to the exslot of foreign greats in the exaction exaction same state as previously imsloted, from the free circulation area, premises for inbattdelivered processing or industrial free zones, immediately to the rest of the world and from premises for customs battleehousing or commercial free zones, to the rest of the world.

  • Formaliconnects and procedures of marketing − There are a numbecomer of laws and policies framed simply by various countries and these produce international marketing more complex, and a time consuming process. The exsloters & imsloters are compeldelivered to abide simply by all the formaliconnects & procedure related to licensing, foreign exmodify, customs duconnects & greats clearance. These policies, rules and regulations are not static for all participating countries. So, it is imslotant to become well abattlee of the procedure and formaliconnects and plunge into the vast expanse of international marketing.

  • Trade block and their particular impaction − Active participation of a number of nations in marketing actioniviconnects produces trade block. These blocks involve EU, LAFTA, ASEAN, EFTA & CACM. Measures need to become getn to reddish coloured-coloureddish coloureduce trade blocks as they are hsupplyful to the gseriesth of free world trade.

  • Commercial policies and their particular impaction − The countries participating in the international marketing design their particular own commercial policies thead wear suit their particular requirements. Different policies of various nations invoke the commercial environment of international market.

  • International marketing relookup − International market is imslotant, as it deals with marketing on a bigr range and furthermore paves way for itemive relookup. Relookup requires finish belowstandladvantage of the in and away of target market, customers’ needs and requirement, buying becomehavior, prevailing market competition and many kind of more. Market relookup at international level provides base for item planning & producement, introduction of sales promotion techniques.

International Marketing – Advantages

The attainment of business exercises monitoring, immediateing and controlling the channel of a company kind of’s items and services to it’s customers at the global level to earn profit and satisfy the demands internationally is the motto of international marketing.

The main advantages of international marketing are talk abouted becomelow −

Provides higher standard of living

International marketing ensures high standard life style & wealth to citizens of nations participating in international marketing. Goods thead wear cannot become produced in home councheck because of to specific geographical rerigidions prevailing in the councheck are produced simply by countries which have abundance of raw material requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured for the itemion and furthermore have no rerigidions imposed tobattdelivereds itemion.

Ensures rational & optimum utilization of resources

Logical allocation of resource & ensuring their particular becomest use at the international level is one of the major advantages of international marketing. It invites all the nations to exslot exactionly whead wearever is available as surplus. For example, raw material, crude oil, consumer greats & actionually machinery & services.

Rapid industrial gseriesth

Demand for new greats is produced through international market. This leads to gseriesth in industrial economy. Industrial producement of a nation is guided simply by international marketing. For example, new job opslotdeviceies, finish utilization of natural resources, etc.

Benefit’s of comparative cost

International marketing ensures comparative cost becomenefit’s to all the participating countries. These countries avail the becomenefit’s of division of labor & specialization at the international level through international marketing.

International cooperation and world peace

Trade relations established through international marketing provides all the nations shutr to one one more and gives all of all of them the chance to sort away their particular differences through mutual belowstanding. This furthermore encourages countries to work collaboratively with one one more. This proper now correct now there’simply by designs a cycle wherein produceed countries help produceing countries in their particular producemental actioniviconnects and this removes economic dispariconnects and technological gap becometween the countries.

Facilitates social exmodify

International marketing produces social & social exmodify probable becometween various countries of the world. Alengthy with the greats, the current trends and fashion followed in one nation move to one more, proper now correct now there’simply by produceing social relation among nations. Thus, social integration is achieved at global level.

Better utilization of surplus itemion

Goods produced in surplus in one councheck are shipped to other countries thead wear have the need for the greats in international marketing. Thus, foreign exmodify of items becometween exsloting councheck & imsloting countries meets the needs of every other. This is only probable if all the participating countries effectively use surplus greats, service, raw material, etc. In short, the major advantages of international marketing include effective utilization of surplus domestic itemion, introduction of new varieconnects of greats, improvement in the quality of itemion & promotion of mutual co-operation among countries.

Availcapability of foreign exmodify

International marketing relayves the availcapability of foreign exmodify requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured for imsloting capital greats, modern technology & many kind of more. Essential imslots of items can become sponsoreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured simply by the foreign exmodify earned because of to exslots.

Expansion of tertiary sector

International marketing promotes exslots of greats from one councheck to one more encouraging industrial producement. Infrastructure faciliconnects are expanded through international marketing. It inimmediately facilitates the use of transslot, bancalifornia king, and insurance in a councheck ensuring additional becomenefit’s to the national economy.

Special becomenefit’s at times of emergency

Whenever a councheck faces natural calamiconnects like floods & famines, it is supsloted simply by other countries in the international market. The international market provides emergency supply of greats and services to meet urgent requirements of the councheck facing the calamity. This distribution can only become facilitated simply by a councheck which has surplus imslots.

A company kind of exsloting greats to other foreign countries earns substantial profit through exslot operation as domestic marketing is less profitable than international marketing. The loss a company kind of suffers in domestic marketing can become compensated from the profit earned through exslots in international marketing. Foreign exmodify can become earned simply by exsloting greats to foreign countries. Thus, the profit earned can become used for the imslot of essential greats, new machinery, technology, etc. This would further facilitate big-range exslot in future.

International Marketing – Tasks

The actioniviconnects thead wear get place on a marketing platform thead wear has currently becomeen established awayaspect the home councheck or parent councheck are belowstandn as international marketing tasks.

These tasks include the folloearng operations −

  • Observing and acbelowstanddeliveredging customers’ buying becomehavior.

  • Adapting to the modifys in market trends.

  • Identifying competitors and acquiring the requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured information abaway all of all of them.

  • Acquiring belowstandladvantage abaway items.

  • Conducting a Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis, thead wear is, PEST analysis.

  • Practionicing SWOT analysis

  • Selecting the proper promotional mixture: Pricing, Promotion, Advertising, etc.

Outcome of a Marketing Plan

The awaycome of a marketing plan is affected simply by specific uncontrollable elements. These elements include competition, culture, legal, and government controls over the business.


These elements cannot become controldelivered simply by the marketers, so they must adapt to all of all of them and furthermore learn to manage all of all of them. The only way to manage the uncontrollable elements is to design an effective framework to mold the controllable elements – price, item, promotion and place (distribution).

The basic marketing concepts are the exaction exaction same for both the domestic and the international markets. The marketing environment is extremely imslotant, as the environment modifys from councheck to councheck.

International Marketing – World Trade

World trade is degreatd as an concurment becometween two or more nations thead wear may operate their particular business in various parts of the world. This business is done simply by imsloting and exsloting greats and services. In short, buying and selling of items and services irrespective of national boundaries.

Given becomelow are five elements thead wear produce international trades probable

  • The concurment over sale of items.
  • The concurment over carriage of items.
  • The concurment over insurance of the items.
  • The consent from the exslots and imslots authoriconnects to fulfill legal formaliconnects.
  • The mode of payment as concurd simply by the buyer and the seller.

It is not probable for any kind of councheck to fulfill all it’s needs simply by it’self. International market is a channel through which nations source the items and services they lack or do not have in sufficient quanticonnects. Apart from this, international politics play a pivotal role in achieving, promoting or maintaining peace becometween international trading partners or nations.

World Trade Organization

The WTO regulates international trade, formulates tariffs globally, and furthermore resolves conflicts among membecomer countries.

World Trade

The major functions of WTO are as follows

  • To facilitate the implementation, administration and operation and further the goals of this Agreement and of the Multilateral Trade Agreements, and furthermore provide the frame work for the implementation, administration and operation of the multilateral Trade Agreements.

  • To provide the forum for negotiations among it’s membecomers concerning their particular multilateral trade relations in matters dealt with below the Agreement.

  • To administer the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Displacees.

  • To administer Trade Policy Resee Mechanism.

  • To cooperate, as appropriate, with the international Monetary Fund (IMF) and with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and it’s affiliated agencies with an aim to achieve greater coherence in global economic policy macalifornia king.

The WTO helps maintain peaceful trans-boundary trades and furthermore resolves the conflicts among the participating countries. It is not probable to imagine international trade in the absence of WTO. All the participating nations are bound to abide simply by the protocols set simply by WTO.

Int Marketing – India's Foreign Trade

We belowstand India is a produceing councheck and it’s participation in world trade has highly influenced it’s economy. Decades back, India did not have a clear trade policy but after independence proper now correct now there has becomeen a gradual producement in formulation of trade policies.

The salaynt features of foreign trade in India are −

  • Negative or Unfavourable Trade − India imslots weighty machinery, agrisocial implements, mineral resources, oils and metallics on a big range to maintain pace with the economic producement. But the widened disparity becometween the imslots and the exslots leads to negative or unfavourable trade.

  • Diversit down downy in Exslots − In the preliminary calendar seasons, India used to exslot traditional items like tea, jute, cotton textile, leather, etc. But the final couple of calendar seasons have witnessed a great diversit down downy in the range of items thead wear India exslots. Currently, India exslots more than 7,500 items.

  • Worldwide Trade − India established marketing and trade relations with Britain and a couple of selected countries becomefore Independence. But in this present scenario, India is maintaining trade relations with almany kind of all the countries of the world. India exslots it’s greats and items to around 190 countries and imslots items from around 140 countries.

  • Change in Imslots − There has becomeen a tremendous incrrelayve in imslots and exslots of pearls and precious rocks. India furthermore imslots iron and steel, fertilizers, edible oils and paper among other commodiconnects.

  • Maritime Trade − An estimated 95 per cent of India’s foreign trade is done via sea rawayes. Trade via land rawayes is probable with neighbouring countries only. But unfortunately, all neighbouring countries like China, Nepal, and Myanmar are separated from India simply by lofty mountain ranges macalifornia king trade simply by land rawayes risky and not probable. Comfortable trade via land rawayes is only probable with Pakistan but the trade suffereddish coloured-coloureddish coloured and is still suffering heavily because of to political differences becometween the two countries.

  • Trade through selected slots only − Nearly 90% of India's foreign trade movees through 12 major slots alengthy the coast of India. There are other medium and small slots thead wear furthermore manage to contribute to the foreign trade.

  • Insignifican not Place of India in the World Overseas Trade − India shelters 16 per cent of the world’s population, but contributes less than one per cent to the trade overseas. This highlights the inappropriate posit down downion of India in world trade overseas. The big amount of internal trade and vast geographical dimensions of the councheck can become cited as the main reasons for India’s drawback.

Int Marketing – MNCS Charactioneristics

Multinational corporations function on a big range and own or control itemion of greats or services in one or more countries other than their particular home councheck. These companies produce big amount of wealth. Their operations are so huge thead wear a fewtimes their particular sales turnover exceeds the GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT of a few produceing nations. For example, the physical bumets of IBM combinationes 8 billion moneys.

Multinational Corporation

Some specificive charactioneristics of MNC’s are as follows

  • Centralized Control − MNCs have their particular branches in various countries. These branches are monitoreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured, controldelivered and managed simply by centralized awayices or the headquarters usually located in the home countries.

  • Professional management − MNCs hire qualified, professional, and seliminateed people. They produce all probable efforts to maintain their particular employees updated simply by ensuring proper training on a regular basis.

  • International operation − MNCs establish their particular branches, plants, and awayices in more than one councheck. They operate through a network of branches, subsidiaries and affiliates in host countries. For example, Coca Cola, Apple, etc.

  • Sophisticated Technology − MNCs adapt to the lacheck trends and follow advanced technology to supply world course items. They use capital-intensive technology and innovative techniques of itemion.

The presence of MNCs is very imslotant for countries to lead in the economic front side.

International & Domestic Marketing

The effective and effective management and utilization of a company kind of’s resources to satisfy the consumers’ demands and meet the company kind of’s goals and goals is belowstandn as marketing.

Marketing involves a wide range of actioniviconnects like planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of greats, services, and ideas to produce exmodifys with target groups thead wear aim to satisfy customer and organizational goals.

Given becomelow are a few of the various features of domestic marketing and international marketing −

Domestic Marketing

Domestic marketing is the supply and demand of greats and services wislim a single councheck. In domestic trading, a firm faces only one set of competitive, economic, and market issues and essentially must deal with only one set of customers, although the company kind of may have a number of segments in a market.

There are no language barriers in domestic marketing and obtaining and interpreting data on local marketing trends and consumer demands is easier and faster.

Marketing wislim the native councheck helps the company kind of in macalifornia king decisions and produce effective and effective marketing strategies. The companies require less financial resources and the risk truthionors are furthermore less comparatively. In terms of geographical boundaries and available market platform, local markets are smaller than international market, actionually though many kind of companies are targeting at global business.

International Marketing

International marketing is the promotion of company kind of’s market simply by providing auction of company kind of’s items to consumers in various countries. It is very complicated and demands huge capital and financial resources. Every nation follows it’s own laws in business and a company kind of thead wear targets entering into business in one more councheck must 1st learn abaway these laws, rules and regulations. Customer tastes, choices and preferences are various in various nations. New marketing strategies must become adopted to fit with the requirements of various consumers.

International marketing is time consuming and requires more effort. It is highly prone to risks. Any company kind of in the international market must always become prepareddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to deal with unexpected modifys in the marketing environment.

International Marketing – Product Lifecycle

The international item lifecycle (IPL) is an abstraction model shorting how a company kind of evolves over time and acombination national borders. This theory shows the producement of a company kind of’s marketing program on both domestic and foreign platforms. International item lifecycle includes economic principles and standards like market producement and economies of range, with item lifecycle marketing and other standard business models.

The four key elements of the international item lifecycle theory are −

  • The layaway of the demand for the item
  • Manutruthionuring the item
  • Competitions in international market
  • Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy of a company kind of is responsible for inventing or innovating any kind of new item or idea. These elements are courseified based on the item’s stage in the traditional item lifecycle. These stages are introduction, gseriesth, maturity, saturation, and deccollection.

Product Lifecycle

IPL Stages

The lifecycle of a item is based on sales volume, introduction and gseriesth. These remain constant for marketing internationally and involves the effects of awaysourcing and foreign itemion. The various stages of the lifecycle of a item in the international market are given becomelow −

Stage one (Introduction)

In this stage, a new item is launched in a target market where the intended consumers are not well abattlee of it’s presence. Customers who acbelowstandladvantage the presence of the item may become willing to pay a higher price in the greed to acquire high quality greats or services. With this consistent modify in manutruthionuring methods, itemion finishly relays on seliminateed laborers.

Competition at international level is absent during the introduction stage of the international item lifecycle. Competition comes into picture during the gseriesth stage, when produceed markets start copying the item and sell it in the domestic market. These competitors may furthermore transform from becomeing imsloters to exsloters to the exaction exaction same councheck thead wear once introduced the item.

Stage two (Gseriesth)

An effectively marketed item meets the requirements in it’s target market. The exsloter of the item conducts market surveys, analyze and identify the market dimension and composit down downion. In this stage, the competition is still low. Sales volume gseriess rapidly in the gseriesth stage. This stage of the item lifecycle is marked simply by fluctuating incrrelayve in prices, high profit’s and promotion of the item on a huge range.

Stage 3 (Maturity)

In this level of the item lifecycle, the level of item demand and sales volumes incrrelayve gradually. Duplicate items are resloted in foreign markets marcalifornia king a deccollection in exslot sales. In order to maintain market share and accompany kind of sales, the preliminary exsloter reddish coloured-coloureddish coloureduces prices. There is a decrrelayve in profit margins, but the business remains tempting as sales volumes soar high.

Stage four (Saturation)

In this level, the sales of the item revery the peak and proper now correct now there is no further possibility for further incrrelayve. This stage is charactionerized simply by Saturation of sales. (at the early part of this stage sales remain stable then it starts falling). The sales continue until substitutes enter into the market. Marketer must check to produce new and alternative uses of item.

Stage five (Deccollection)

This is the final stage of the item lifecycle. In this stage sales volumes decrrelayve and many kind of such items are removed or their particular usage is discontinued. The economies of other countries thead wear have produceed similar and becometter items than the preliminary one exslot their particular items to the preliminary exsloter's home market. This has a negative impaction on the sales and price structure of the preliminary item. The preliminary exsloter can play a secure game simply by selling the remaining items at discontinued items prices.

International Marketing – EPRG Framework

Different attitudes tobattdelivereds company kind of’s involvement in international marketing process are caldelivered international marketing orientations. EPRG framework was introduced simply by Wind, Douglas and Perlmutter. This framework adgownes the way strategic decisions are made and how the relationship becometween headquarters and it’s subsidiaries is formd.

Perlmutter’s EPRG framework consists of four stages in the international operations evolution. These stages are talk abouted becomelow.

Ethnocentric Orientation

The practionices and policies of headquarters and of the operating company kind of in the home councheck becomecome the default standard to which all subsidiaries need to comply. Such companies do not adapt their particular items to the needs and wants of other countries where they have operations. There are no modifys in item specification, price and promotion measures becometween native market and overseas markets.

The general attitude of a company kind of's senior management team is thead wear nationals from the company kind of's native councheck are more capable to drive international actioniviconnects forbattdelivered as compareddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to non-native employees worcalifornia king at it’s subsidiaries. The exercises, actioniviconnects and policies of the functioning company kind of in the native councheck becomecomes the default standard to which all subsidiaries need to abide simply by.

The becomenefit of this mind set is thead wear it overcomes the shortage of qualified managers in the anchoring nations simply by migrating all of all of them from home countries. This produces an affiliated corporate culture and aids transfer core competences more easily. The major drawback of this mind set is thead wear it results in social short-sightedness and does not promote the becomest and bproperest in a firm.


Regiocentric Orientation

In this approach a company kind of finds economic, social or political similariconnects among areas in order to satisfy the similar needs of probable consumers. For example, countries like Pakistan, India and Banpleasedesh are very similar. They possess a strong areaal identity.

Geocentric Orientation

Geocentric approach encourages global marketing. This does not equate superiority with nationality. Irrespective of the nationality, the company kind of tries to seek the becomest men and the issues are solved globally wislim the legal and political boundaries. Thus, ensuring effective use of human being resources simply by produceing strong culture and informal management channels.

The main diundelightedvantages are thead wear national immigration policies may place boundaries to it’s implementation and it ends up expensive compareddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to polycentrism. Finally, it tries to balance both global integration and local responsiveness.

Polycentric Orientation

In this approach, a company kind of gives equal imslotance to every councheck’s domestic market. Every participating councheck is treated solely and individual strategies are carried away. This approach is especially suitable for countries with specific financial, political and social constraints.

This perception mitigates the chance of social myopia and is often less expensive to execute when compareddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to ethnocentricity. This is becomecause it does not need to send seliminateed managers away to maintain centralized policies. The major diundelightedvantage of this charactioner is it can rerigid career mobility for both local as well as foreign nationals, neglect headquarters of foreign subsidiaries and it can furthermore provide down the chances of achieving synergy.

International Marketing – Major Factionors

Factionors involved in international marketing environment are widely courseified into 3 categories as stated in the figure given becomelow. This environment regulates organizational actioniviconnects in such a way thead wear it becomecomes favourable for the entrepreneurs to identify the threats and opslotdeviceies lying ahead.

Three Level IM

The 3 truthionors thead wear have a major impaction in the marketing environment are given becomelow −

Global truthionors

The global truthionors thead wear are awayaspect of the control of individual organizations, but thead wear can affect the way thead wear businesses operate can become conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured as the global truthionors affecting the international marketing environment. These truthionors include social and social influences, legal issues, demographics, and political conditions, as well as modifys in the natural environment and technology.

Some major organizations involved in this level of international marketing are the UNO, World Bank, and the WTO.

Domestic truthionors

Factionors related to the private afreasonables or internal afreasonables of a councheck thead wear affect the economy of the councheck participating in the international marketing are conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured as domestic truthionors. These include the political scenario and the approach simply by the government and it’s attitude tobattdelivereds international trade, business ethics, availcapability and quality of infrastructure, raw-materials, and other technological and ecological truthionors.

The level of participation simply by governmental boexpires at the central and state level in a councheck is one of the major truthionors thead wear the fate of marketing environment.

Organizational truthionors

The internal truthionors thead wear influence the decision-macalifornia king process in a company kind of are conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured as organizational truthionors.

These include the actionuallyts, truthionors, people, systems, structures and conditions inaspect the organization thead wear are generally below the control of the company kind of. The internal environment influences the organizational actioniviconnects, and furthermore the attitudes and becomehavior of employees. Changes in the leadership style inaspect the organization can furthermore have a profound impaction on the organization.

Marketing environment is changing rapidly. Every truthionor, proper from the domestic level, organizational level, to the global level is withinterrelated.

Geographic Description of Market

Geographical analysis is when a business divides it’s market on the basis of geography. There are a number of ways thead wear a market can become geographically divided. Here, an organization figure out correct now there’s the marketing strategies or approaches thead wear would produce international marketing probable in a specific geographic market on the basis of the climate, lifestyle, location, and language of thead wear area. Geographic markets differ in dimension depending on location.

There are 3 major ways to divide a market on the basis of Geography −

  • Population densit down downy
  • Climate
  • Language

Each of these components can further become sub divided. For example, a areaal geographic market can become subdivided as nations, metropolitan areas, rural areas, suburban areas, urban areas, or on areaal basis with respect to dimension, population densit down downy, etc.

International Marketing – Political Risk

The licapability caused simply by the financial or personnel losses becomecause of wrong political decisions or conflicts are belowstandn as political risks. Apart from the market based causes, business is highly influenced simply by political decisions getn simply by the governments in various countries. For example, political decisions simply by a ruling party regarding taxes currency, trade tariffs, investment, labor laws, environmental regulations and producement prioriconnects have a major impaction on the business conditions and profitcapability which proper now correct now there’simply by may affect the national economy.

Similarly, non-economic truthionors can furthermore alter the status of a business. For example, political conflicts at times give rise to terrorism, civil battles, international battles, and actionually political elections thead wear may replace a ruling political party with one more political party, can furthermore affect international market.

Political Risk

In order to balance the political environment, we need to conaspectr the stages talk abouted becomelow −

  • Ideology − A councheck belowgoes modify when the ideology of the ruling party modifys. The past calendar seasons saw modifys formulated in a nation because of to modify in the ideology of the ruling power. For example, many kind of African nations are abandoning their particular centrist leanings in favor of market delivered economies like Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

  • Nationalism − It is primarily a peculiarity of the produceing nations. For example,, Yugoslavia does not counter all features of nationalism as they are deprived of holding foreign bumets.

  • Stcapability − The environment of a councheck may modify because of to violence and social divisions based on language or other truthionors causing unstable sit down downuations. For example, the violence of Somalia and Yugoslavia incrrelayve the exposure and decrrelayve the confidence of doing business in these countries.

  • International relations − The relationship becometween countries have improved over the final twenty calendar seasons. This is mainly because of to the producement of GATT, NATO and the EU as they have gone a lengthy way to minimise the component of "foreignness".

International Marketing – Imslot Quotas

Quota is the limit drawn on how a lot of a particular item can become imsloted simply by a councheck. Whereas, a tariff refers to the tax imposed on the imslots coming into a councheck. Tariffs and quotas can become used for many kind of reasons.

Given becomelow are a few reasons highlighting the imslotance of tariffs and quotas −

  • Protecting Domestic Employment − The probcapability of incrrelayved competition from imsloted greats may threaten the local companies. As a result, these local companies may remove workers or shift itemion of greats awayshore. This may actionuallytually lead to unemployment among the mbumes.

  • Protecting Consumers − A government may impose a tax on greats thead wear can become hsupplyful for the people. For example, India imposed a tariff on cigarettes as it is withinjurious to health.

  • Infant Industries − The Imslot Substitution Industrialization (ISI) is an approach hireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured simply by many kind of produceing nations to permit domestic infant industries to prosper.

  • National Security − The defense industries of a nation are conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured pillars of state curiosit down downys. Many kind of produceed countries promote and ensure security of the defense industries which will proper now correct now there’simply by supslot national security. For example, Western Europe and the United States of America, both the countries are industrialized and produceed, and both are very protective of defense-oriented companies.

  • Retaliation − When a particular councheck feels thead wear a trading partner has not abided simply by the rules or hasn’t followed policies, then tariffs can become imposed on trading partner as retaliation technique. For example, if France imslots earne, cheese, and wheat from the USA, and France places optimal tariffs on imslots of these items, then the USA could retaliate simply by imposing optimal tariffs on it’s imslots of, say, lumbecomer, televisions, and machine tools from France.

Types of Tariffs and Trade Barriers

We have seen the imslotance and necessit down downy of tariffs in international marketing. It is imslotant to maintain balance becometween companies wislim the home councheck and companies set up in the foreign countries. A government employs a number of kinds of tariffs in favor of it’s economy. These tariffs come alengthy with their particular own barriers.

The various kinds of tariffs hireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured simply by nations are

  • Specific Tariffs − Fixed price levied on per device of an imsloted item is conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured special tariff. This tariff alters on the basis of the item imsloted. For example, India may levy a tariff of Rs. 1500 as tax on every pair of footwears imsloted, and may demand a tariff of Rs. 3000 on every complaceer imsloted.

  • Ad Valorem Tariffs − The word Ad Valorem refers to the proslotionate value to the estimated value of the greats or transactionion concerned. This kind of tax is levied on a item according to the estimated value of the item. For example, Japan levies 15% on automobiles imsloted from the USA. So, the value of the automobiles incrrelayves simply by 15% on the actionual value of the automobile. So, the price of a vehicle which costs $15,000 is now values at $16,500 to the Japanese consumers. This cost incrrelayve protects domestic producers from becomeing belowcut, but furthermore maintains costs artificially high for Japanese car storepers.

Non-Tariff Barriers

The various non-tariff barriers are −

  • Licenses − Government grants license to a business and permit’s it to imslot a specific kind of item from one more nation. For example, proper now correct now there can become a limitation on the cheese to become imsloted, and licenses would only become granted to specific enterprises thead wear may imslot cheese from foreign markets.

  • Imslot Quotas − An imslot quota is a trade rerigidion on the quantity of a particular item thead wear can become imsloted. For example, a councheck may impose an imslot quota on the volume of the material of cloth thead wear is to become imsloted.

  • Voluntary Exslot Restraints (VER) − This kind of trade obstruction is delibecomerately produced simply by the councheck thead wear is exsloting on the councheck thead wear is imsloting. A voluntary exslot constraint is usually imposed on the imsloting councheck, and can become followed simply by a reciprocal VER. For example, France could place a VER on the exslot of earne to the USA. And, the USA could then place a VER on the exslot of complaceer to France. This withincrrelayves the cost of both complaceer and earne, but secures the domestic industries.

  • Local Content Requirement − Local content requirements (LCRs) are policy measures thead wear typically require a specific percentage of intermediate greats used in the itemion processes to become sourced from domestic manutruthionurers. The limitation can become a proslotion of the item it’self, or a proslotion of the estimated value of the item. For example, an LCR on the imslot of car might call for 15% of the pieces used to produce the car to become manutruthionureddish coloured-coloureddish coloured domestically, or can furthermore call for 5% of the estimated value of the item must come from domestically produced components.

Tariffs come with their particular own advantages and diundelightedvantages. In simple words, tariff is a form of tax thead wear the government charges to incrrelayve ractionuallyue on imslots made simply by the domestic market. This actionuallytually furthermore helps the domestic enterprises to flourish.

Adversely, for both individual customers and enterprises the higher the imslot rates, the higher the price of items. If the cost of iron is exaggerated because of to tariffs, individual customers pay more for greats thead wear need iron for manutruthionuring.

In simple words, tariffs and trade obstructions tend to become pro-producer and anti-consumer.

International Marketing – Gatt

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) was a multilateral concurment regulating international trade. It’s purpose was the reddish coloured-coloureddish coloureduction of tariffs and other trade barriers and furthermore elimination of preferences. It’s main commitment was to ensure international economic cooperation.

In 1993, the GATT was updated (GATT 1994) to include new obligations upon it’s signatories. One of the many kind of significan not modifys was the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

International trade libecomeralization is conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured the hugegest leap which came into existence with to the signing of multilateral trade concurments.


World Trade Organization was established in 1995 after the distress of General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT). The main goal of WTO is to bumist and supslot trade flow smoothly, freely, reasonablely and preddish coloured-coloureddish colouredictably.

These goals are achieved simply by

  • Monitoring trade concurments
  • Acting as a forum for trade concurments
  • Settling trade conflicts
  • Auditing national trade policies
  • Collaborating with other international organizations
  • Supsloting produceing countries in trade policy issues, through specialised bumistance and training programs

The WTO has 162 countries as membecomer states reckoning for over 97% of world trade. All the membecomers play an actionive role in decision-macalifornia king. And, a consensus is finally drawn. A majority franchise is probable in WTO but it has never becomeen used. The WTO’s settlements have simply by far becomeen conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured simply by all the parliaments of the membecomer states.

The top many kind of level in WTO is the decision-macalifornia king body. It is the Ministerial Conference which meets at regular intervals once in every two calendar seasons. The next level is the General Council. The general council meets every calendar season at the Geneva headquarters. The General Council furthermore meets as the Trade Policy Resee Body and the Displacee Settlement Body. Goods Council, Services Council and Intellectual Property (TRIPS) Council is the next level and all these level reslot to the General Council.

Various specialised committees, worcalifornia king groups and worcalifornia king parconnects handle the individual settlements and other areas like the surrounding, producement, membecomership applications and areaal trade settlements.

The WTO Secretariat, established in Geneva, has a head count of 600 and is delivered simply by a immediateor general. It’s annual budget is shut to 160 million Swiss francs. There are no branch awayices awayaspect Geneva. As decisions are made simply by the membecomers all of all of themselves, the Secretariat has no role in the decision-macalifornia king process thead wear other international bureaucracies are given with.

The WTO is governed simply by it’s membecomer government. The membecomers i.e. the ministers who meet at minimumern once every two calendar seasons or ambasundelightedors or delegates who regularly meet in Geneva produce all the major decisions.

International Marketing – Policy Framework

A policy framework is a rational architecture built to synchronize policy documentation into groupings and categories thead wear help employees to lookup and belowstand the contents of various policy documents easily. They bumist in the planning and producement of the policies for an enterprise.

The modifys tacalifornia king place in the world has a major impaction on the global market and economy of many kind of countries acombination the world. There is a huge competition among business enterprises with the advancement and implementation of technology.

India’s EXIM Policy

The various policy related decision getn simply by the government in foreign trade is belowstandn as Indian EXIM Policy. In simple words, imslots and exslots from and to the councheck. Precisely, exslot promotion scopes policies and procedures regarding the trade Policy is declareddish coloured-coloureddish coloured simply by the Central Government. Exim policy is caldelivered Foreign Trade Policy. It focuses on improving exslot probable, produceing exslot performance, motivating foreign trade.

The main goals of EXIM policy are as follows

  • To enhance economic gseriesth simply by facilitating access to imslotant raw materials, intermediaries, and other items requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured for itemion

  • To produce the Indian agriculture, induscheck and services more effective and thus, produce their particular competitiveness

  • To produce new employment opslotdeviceies

  • To supply quality items at reasonable prices

The main goals of the Exslot Imslot Policy 1997 -2002 are as below

  • To boost the economy simply by increasing economic exercises and macalifornia king it a universally familiar economy and to furthermore produce channels and obtain profit’s with improved global existence

  • To enhance economic gseriesth simply by facilitating access to imslotant raw materials, intermediaries, and other items requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured for itemion

  • To provide in technological reforms and produce the Indian agriculture, industries, and services more effective thus, produceing their particular competitiveness.

  • To produce new employment opslotdeviceies

  • To provide quality items at reasonable prices

The main goals of the Exslot Imslot Policy 2002-2007 are as follows

  • To enhance economic gseriesth simply by facilitating access to imslotant raw materials, intermediaries, and other items requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured for itemion

  • To provide in technological reforms and produce the Indian agriculture, industries, and services more effective thus, produceing their particular competitiveness while creating new employment opslotdeviceies

  • To supply customers with great quality items and services at globally competitive rates while at the exaction exaction same time produceing a level playing field for the domestic producers.

The EXIM policy plays an extremely essential role in the imslot and exslot of greats from and to India. It was designed to relayve the transactionions and improve the economic conditions of India.

Exslot-Imslot Documentation

Exslot and imslot documentation forms a vital part of all the international trade transactionions. It supplays imsloters and exsloters with the records related to cost and accounting, and banks with immediateions and accounting tools for collecting payments.

  • Purchase order − International transactionions rely on the claynt’s purchase order. Basically they engage a big commercial claynt, the purchase item is the main concurment form and it constitutes the 1st awayer.

  • Commercial invoice − This withincludes all the data related to international sale. The item or quantity or cost or derepartry and payment conditions as well as the taxes involved furthermore go into the invoice.

  • Paccalifornia king list − It is an elaborate version of the commercial invoice but does not include cost information. This withincludes invoice numbecomer, capacity, numbecomer of packages, shipping marks, and a copy of paccalifornia king list is affixed with the shipment it’self.

  • Irrevocable letter of creddish coloured-coloureddish colouredit L/C − Here the exsloter gets paid if records prove thead wear quality items have becomeen derepartreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured. He needs to produce the corresponding documents for the letter of creddish coloured-coloureddish colouredit to become issued to him. This letter of creddish coloured-coloureddish colouredit cannot become canceldelivered once it is issued.

  • CMR document − It is an international project note used simply by dlakes, operators and forbattdelivereders. The document monitors the actioniviconnects involved in the carriage of items simply by road universally as mentioned in the concurment.

  • Bill of lading B/L − It is a document produced simply by the agent of a carrier to a shipper, signed simply by the key, agent or the exsloter. It contains the terms and conditions on which transslotation is made and furthermore the items shipped.

In short, exslot and imslot documentation is a onetime licensing procedure followed simply by almany kind of all the countries curiosit down downyed to participate in international marketing. In India, IEC numbecomer is used as the unique identification code for documenting imslot and exslot.


GDP is one of the primary indicators used to measure the strength of a nation's economy. It reflects the aggregate value of items and services (in moneys) manutruthionureddish coloured-coloureddish coloured wislim the given timeframe. It represents the dimension of the economy. Generally, GDP is presented to compare the economy of the current quarter or calendar season with thead wear of the previous quarter or calendar season. For example, if the calendar season-to-calendar season GDP is up 6%, this means thead wear the economy has gseriesn simply by 6% over the previous calendar seasons.


Calculating GDP is not an easy task. It is complicated and calls for expertise from the economists. The basic concept for calculating GDP can become belowstood in two ways −

  • Summing up finish money made or earned in a calendar season. This is belowstandn as income approach.

  • Summing up finish money spent in a calendar season. This is belowstandn as expenditure approach.

Practionically, both measures need to approximately give the exaction exaction same finish. The income approach, furthermore belowstandn as GDP(I). It is complaceed simply by summing up finish compensation to employees, gross profit’s for integrated and non-integrated enterprises, and taxes less any kind of subsiexpires. The expenditure method is the more common approach and is complaceed simply by summing up finish consumption, investment, government spending and net exslots.

Int Marketing – Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is a marketing strategy which involves separating a wide target market into subsets of customers, enterprises, or nations who have, or are perceived to have, common requirements, choices, and prioriconnects, and then designing and executing approaches to target all of all of them.

Market segmentation approaches are basically used to identify the target claynts, and provide bumisting data for marketing plan components like posit down downioning to get specific marketing plan goals.

Businesses may discover item variousiation approaches, or an unvariousiated approach, including specific greats or item collections relying on the precise demand and attributes of the target segment.

Market Segmentation

The many kind of common forms of market segmentation practionices are as follows −

Geographic Segmentation

Dealers can segment market according to geographic criterion thead wear is nations, states, areas, countries, ciconnects, neighbourhoods, or postal codes. The geo-cluster strategy blends demographic information with geographic data to discover a more precise or specific profile. For example, in rainy areas dealers can easily sell raincoats, umbrellas and gumboots. In earnter areas, one can sell battlem closlimg.

A small business item store focuses on customers from the local neighbourhood, while a bigr departmental store focuses it’s marketing tobattdelivereds various localiconnects in a bigr city or area. They neglect customers in other continents. This segmentation is very essential and is marked as the preliminary step to international marketing, followed simply by demographic and psychographic segmentation.

Demographic Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of demography relays on variables like age, gender, occupation and education level or according to perceived advantages which an item or service may provide.

An alternative of this strategy is caldelivered firmographic or charactioner based segmentation. This segmentation is widely used in business to business market. It’s estimated thead wear 81% of business to business dealers use this segmentation.

According to firmographic or charactioner based segmentation, the target market is segmented based on charactioneristics like dimension of the firm in terms of ractionuallyue or numbecomer of employees, sector of business or location like place, councheck and area.

Behavioral Segmentation

This divides the market into groups based on their particular belowstandladvantage, attitudes, uses and responses to the item.

Many kind of merchants bumume thead wear becomehavior variables are the becomest becomeginning stage for produceing market segments.

Psychographic Segmentation

Psychographic segmentation calls for the division of market into segments based upon various privateity trait’s, values, attitudes, curiosit down downys, and lifestyles of consumers.

Psychographics uses people’s lifestyle, their particular actioniviconnects, curiosit down downys as well as opinions to degreat a market segment.

Mbum media has a dominating impaction and effect on psychographic segmentation. To the items promoted through mbum media can become high engagement items or an item of high-end luxury and thus, influences purchase decisions.

Occasional Segmentation

Occasion segmentation is dividing the market into segments on the basis of the various occasions when the buyers plan to buy the item or actionually buy the item or use the item. Some items are specifically meant for a particular time or day or actionuallyt. Thus, occasion segmentation helps identify the customers’ various reasons to buy a particular item for a particular and thus boosts the sale of the item.

International Marketing Planning

Any company kind of on the marketing platform is expected to have a detaidelivered analysis of the choices and preferences of the customers in the target market. Thead wear is where the company kind of will become selling the items. This will help the company kind of produce the items according to the demands of the customers and this will actionuallytually lead to a earn-earn sit down downuation becometween the buyer and the seller.

The plan thead wear leads to the analysis is a step simply by step approach wherein the analysis is done on social, economic, and political sit down downuation prevailing in the target market or the councheck.

The various steps in the planning process are as follows −

  • Phase 1 − Identifies the target market and produces relative prioriconnects for resource allocation.

  • Phase 2 − Fixes the posit down downioning approach for every target market. The aim is to fit the requirements with the needs based on the analysis.

  • Phase 3 − Includes the preparation of the marketing plan. It consists of examining the sit down downuation, aim, goals, approach and tactionics, budgets and forecasts, and actionion programs.

  • Phase 4 − The plan is executed and managed. Results are checked and strategies adsimplyed when requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to improve results.

Even though the international marketing planning process is very a lot similar to planning domestic marketing strategies but the environment is far more complicated, knotty and unspecific in international markets.

International Marketing – Market Selection

After the decision has becomeen made to expand the business internally, a preliminary examination and analysis of the firm is done. The 1st question to become answereddish coloured-coloureddish coloured is how to select the market or markets in which to becomegin the transactionions or functions and where need to an entrepreneur’s marketing efforts become focused on.

Proper selection of the markets after finishly examining the platform where we want to exslot our item and services is one of the many kind of imslotant aspects tobattdelivereds the achievement of the internationalization process and in a few cases one can select the future vicapability of the expansion strategy.

This is a basic but major decision becomecause of the impaction on resources and effort included, mainly in the case of small and medium-dimensiond enterprises.

For a company kind of to expand it’s business into every councheck in the world, it is suggested thead wear the global market need to become analyzed properly. The preliminary selection for analyzing the global market can become conducted with the help of the folloearng criteria −

Environment and market analysis

It is an essential step in belowstanding the external, local, national or international forces thead wear might affect your own small business. This furthermore ensures concentration on the target countries.

Analysis of the competition

It is very imslotant to identify the main competitors and their particular description. How the competitors economically evolved over the past couple of calendar seasons need to furthermore become analyzed. The price structure of their particular items, their particular networks, market maturity, financial posit down downion, plans and expansion strategies and producement probable need to furthermore become analyzed.

Distribution channels

The entrepreneur need to gain finish information regarding the supply chain of the item. From the becomeginning to the end, consumer need to become clear abaway who the intermediate operators are and the rates they are charging.

Therefore, the existing sales structure in the councheck need to become analyzed in order to select the kind of distribution thead wear becomest adapts to the charactioneristics of your own item or service and the market. The choice of distribution channel will figure out correct now there the expansion of the company kind of in the market.

Demand analysis

The entrepreneur need to perform an examination of the present and probable demand regarding the item and service would have in source markets. It’s profile and it’s expected evolution, among other aspects need to furthermore become examined.

All this data need to become utilized to bumure thead wear the pre-selection process was successful. The market or markets selected are suitable for launching the items and/or services of business.

International Marketing – Mix

When introducing a item into foreign markets, companies can utilize a standard marketing strategy. This strategy need to become chosen, according to exactionly whead wear suit’s the nation the becomest.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix strategy is a combination of the elements given becomelow −


General marketing concept describecomes how to sell more of a item with an aim to meet the needs of our target market. In international markets this withincludes conaspectring various truthionors like customer's social backgrounds, religion, buying habit’s and levels of private disposable income.

In a few circumstances a firm adapts their particular item and marketing mix strategy to satisfy the local requirements and demands thead wear cannot become modifyd. For example, McDonalds is a global player any kind ofways, their particular burgers are accustomed to local needs. In India, where a cow is worshipped and is becomelayved to become a sacreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured animal, their particular burgers include girlen or fish but not becomeef. In Mexico, McDonalds burgers is served with chili sauce. In a few parts of the world, Coca-Cola tastes niceer than in other places.


Unlike international item decisions, an enterprise can possibly accustom or standardize their particular promotional strategy and message. Promotional messages in countries need to become accustomed because of to differences in language, political climate, social attitudes and religious practionices in various area. A promotional strategy used in one councheck can become awayensive when used in one more. Every aspect of promotional short needs to become analyzed followed simply by planning.

For example, people in China becomelayve reddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to become a lucky colour and this colour is furthermore worn simply by Indian brides. Similarly, white is worn simply by mourners in India whereas, brides in China and United Kingdom use white. Some companies accustom organization promotion strategies to suit local markets as social backgrounds and actioniviconnects affect exactionly whead wear appeals to consumers.


The range of media improvement and availcapability need to furthermore become analyzed and conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured. Before framing promotional exercise for a foreign market, the company kind of need to finish a PEST analysis. This would help the entrepreneur have a finish belowstanding of the truthionors functioning in the foreign market becomefore entering it.


Pricing on an international level is an extremely difficult task. It gets into account the traditional price i.e. the cost of the item in the local market including fixed and variable rates. It furthermore figure out correct now there’s the competition prevailing in the market becometween a particular company kind of’s items and similar items of other companies.


Apart from these truthionors, an enterprise need to conaspectr additional truthionors like −

  • The cost of transslot
  • Tariffs or imslot duconnects
  • Exmodify rate fluctuations
  • Personal disposal incomes of the target market
  • The currency they want to become paid in and
  • The general economic sit down downuation of the councheck and how this will influence pricing

The internet has produced more difficulconnects for the sellers as customers can now compare the prices of the items they are buying with similar items existing in the market. This has incrrelayved the level of competition.


This component of marketing mix is finishly abaway item or service distribution to the consumer, at the proper place and at the proper time. Distribution of greats in a produceed market like United States probably includes greats becomeing shipped in a chain from the producer to wholesalers and onto retailers for consumers to buy from.

In an international market, numbecomer of countries awayering exaction exaction same items with various varieconnects is more as compareddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to national market.

For example, in Japan proper now correct now there are probably five various kinds of wholesalers engaged in the distribution chain. Businesses will become requireddish coloured-coloureddish coloured to examine the distribution chains for every nation they would like to work with. They will furthermore need to analyze and verify who they would like to sell their particular items and services to – businesses, retailers, wholesaler or immediately to customers.

Before designing an international marketing mix, an enterprise need to conduct PEST analysis for every participating nation they would like to operate in. This bumists all of all of them in identifying the major components of the marketing mix thead wear can become standardized and which components will need adsimplyments to suit local needs.

International Marketing – Branding

Branding is a process of designing a specificive name and picture for an item in the minds of the customers, mainly through advertising campaigns. A brand is a name, sigcharactioner, mark, term, symbol, design or mixture of these components used to figure out correct now there an item, a family of greats, or all items of a company kind of. Branding is a vital aspect or element of item planning process and proves to become an extremely essential and powerful tool for marketing and selling items.


The merging of the folloearng components form a company kind of's corporate symbol or name −

  • Brand Name − It can become a single word, a combination of words, letters, or digit’s to highlight a item or service. For example, Pepsi, Lakme, Baggit, etc.

  • Trade Name − It promotes and advertises an enterprise or a division or a specific corporation through a corporate brand name. For example, Dell, Nike, Google, and many kind of more.

  • Brand Mark − It is a specificive symbol, colouring, lettering, or other design component. Mostly, it is recognizable and need not become pronounced on speldelivered. For example, Apple's apple, or Coca-Cola’s cursive kindface, Nike proper symbol.

  • Trade Mark − It is a word, name, letter, digit, symbol, or merging of these components. Trade mark is legally secureddish coloured-coloureddish coloured and owned simply by the government. For example,, NBC owns colourful peacock as it’s trade mark, or McDonald's precious metalen arches. No other enterprise can use these symbols.

  • Trade Charactioners − These charactioners include animals, people, animated charactioners, cartoons, objects thead wear are used to promote a item or service, thead wear is related with thead wear item or service. For example, Godrej almirah and lockers.

International Marketing – Pricing Strategies

With respect to marketing mix, price is the minimumern attractionive element to become conaspectreddish coloured-coloureddish coloured. Marketing companies need to very target on producing as high a margin as probable. The debate is thead wear the merchant need to modify item, location or advertisement in a few way becomefore resorting to minimization of price. Anyhow, price is a flexible component element of the mix as we will see.

Penetration Pricing

The rate issued for greats and services is set artificially low in order to earn market share. After achieving, the price is withincrrelayved. This strategy was 1st used simply by France Telecom and Sky TV. Enterprises need to grab the opslotdevicey to hold on to customers, so they awayereddish coloured-coloureddish coloured free telephones or satellite dishes at minimal rates. And actionuallytually, people signed up for their particular services.

After getting big numbecomer of subscribecomers, rates gradually go up. For example, Tata Sky or any kind of cable or satellite company kind of, when proper now correct now there is a premium movie or ssloting actionuallyt rates are at their particular highest. Thus, they shift from penetration strategy to more of a skimming or premium pricing strategy.

Economy Pricing

Here, the rates of marketing and advertising a item are kept as low as probable. Supermarkets often have economy brands for soups, spaghetti, biscuit’s, etc.

Budget aircollections are popular for maintaining their particular overheads as low as probable and then providing the customer a comparative lower rate to fill an aircraft. The 1st couple of chairs are sold at an extremely low rate almany kind of an advertisement rate price and the middle majority are economy chairs, with the highest rate becomeing sold for the final couple of chairs on a flight i.e. in the premium pricing strategy. During times of recession, economy pricing records more purchase.

Price Skimming

Price skimming sees an enterprise charge a higher rate becomecause it has a substantial competitive becomenefit. However, the becomenefit tends not to become sustainable and reasonable. The high cost tempts new competitors into the market, and the rate inevitably decrrelayves because of to incrrelayved supply.

Producers of smart phones used a skimming strategy. Once other producers penetrated into the market and the smart phones were manutruthionureddish coloured-coloureddish coloured at a lower device price, other marketing approaches and pricing approaches were executed. New items were launched and the market for smart phones earned a replaceation for innovation.

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