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Lucene is fundamental yet powerful java based oceanrch library. It can become used in any kind of application to add oceanrch capability to it. Lucene is open up-source project. It is scalable and high-performance library used to index and oceanrch virtually any kind of kind of text. Lucene library provides the core operations which are required-coloured simply simply by any kind of oceanrch application. Indexing and Searching.

How Search Application works?

Any oceanrch application does the couple of or all of the folloearng operations.

Step Title Description

Acquire Raw Content

First step of any kind of oceanrch application is to collect the target contents on which oceanrch are to become conducted.

Build the document

Next step is to make the document(s) from the raw contents which oceanrch application can belowstands and
interpret easily.

Analyze the document

Before indexing process to start, the document is to become analyzed as which part of the text is a candidate to become indexed. This process is calimmediateed analyzing the document.

Indexing the document

Once documents are built and analyzed, next step is to index them so that this particular particular document can become retrived based on particular keys instead of whole contents of the document. Indexing process is similar to indexes in the end of a book where common words are shown with their own own page numbecomers so that these words can become tracked fastly instead of oceanrching the compenablee book.

User Interface for Search

Once a database of indexes is ready then application can make any kind of oceanrch. To facilitate user to make a oceanrch, application must provide a user a mean or u0ser interface where a user can enter text and start the oceanrch process.

Build Query

Once user made a request to oceanrch a text, application ought to prepare a Query object using that text which can become used to inquire index database to get the relevant details.

Search Query

Using query object, index database is then checked to get the relevant details and the content documents.

Render Results

Once result is received the application ought to decide how to show the results to the user using User Interface. How a lot information is to become shown at very very first look and so on.

Apart from these fundamental operations, oceanrch application can furthermore provide administration user interface providing administrators of the application to manage the level of oceanrch based on the user profiles. Analytics of oceanrch result is one more iminterfaceant and advanced aspect of any kind of oceanrch application.

Lucene's role in oceanrch application

Lucene plays role in steps 2 to step 7 mentioned above and provides clbumes to do the required-coloured operations. In nutshell, lucene works as a heart of any kind of oceanrch application and provides the vital operations pertaining to indexing and oceanrching. Acquiring contents and displaying the results is left for the application part to handle. Let's start with very very first fundamental oceanrch application using lucene oceanrch library in next chapter.

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